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Ciudades de agua, video intervention in Atacama Desert, Alto Hospicio, 2016-2018.

Water Cities is a photography and video project, intervention in the landscape and the gathering of memory of the city of how was formed as a result of forced evictions, since then it is a mirage city, invisibly and marginalized continuously. The action and video that I propose in this work are based on the investigation of the sulphur deposits in the city of Alto Hospicio, both with the chemical element as well as with its industrial uses in the zone. On the other hand, through the drawings from townspeople of the city, about their first settlements and camps in the takings of land. With this testimony were marked and made traces with sulphur in the earth, this action is a transformation and relocation of the memories for their resignification. The concept of industrial zoning is linked to the ephemeral memory of marginalized territories of any visibility such as the city of Alto Hospicio, away from the discourse of progress that political focuses exacerbate; a progress that accumulates abandonments.

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